Alutec - refreshed, rejigged and raring to go!

Alutec - refreshed, rejigged and raring to go!

Alutec are pleased to announce we have a new team and a new team leader at the helm.

We had to make some well overdue changes in the last few months and some personnel have moved on to be replaced by
new experienced and talented team members.

Alutec quality has always been second to none but following a period of investment in staff, training, machinery and equipment
we can proudly claim to be your go to partner for aluminium and steel heat exchange products.

With unlimited access to the vast knowledge base and expertise within the G&M Group, we can take on bespoke projects from
design and thermal calculations through the prototyping and testing stage right down to finished product delivered on time
every time.

With the technical support and financial resources of the G&M Group of Companies you can rest assured that we can deliver on
our promises.

Why not put us to the test?
Contact our Sales team on 01543 500 508